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Our Partners

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SpaTech is known for its integrity in product quality among the O.E.M bath industry. Therefore, we are always chosen by many world leading bathroom manufacturers as their sole supplier for various kind of acrylic baths.


Concerning the raising demand for the development in whirlpool bath, and to maintain our integrity in product quality, SpaTech would only work with the highest quality, and most reliable suppliers in the whirlpool industry. Depending on customers budget and requirement, our engineering team can create specific solutions to pre-install any types of Spa Jets and electric pump combination into our range of baths.


Our Whirlpool component partners including the world famous, Balboa Water Group and the Koller Whirlpool Industry. Both manufacturers produce the top class Spa Jets and pumps system. But more importantly, its the know-how of matching proper types of Spa Jets, blowers, pumps, lighting and piping together, to create a whirlpool product that will best suit your market. That's the reason why SpaTech sent a number of their whirlpool engineers to study the proper installing method and product knowledge.

Founder of Koller Whirlpool Industry, Mr. Rudolf Koller had once commented at SpaTech freestanding bath.

"If they are not the best in making freestanding bath, I wouldn't let them print my logo on their brochures".





For further inquiries regarding the application of various Koller whirlpool & Balboa Spa products in our range of bath models, please contact our technical team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Product Quality:

Many of the SpaTech clients have been in a working relationship with us for more than 7 years. They decided to stay with us because our commitment in product quality is very strong. Taking our 2011 static figure as an example, for every 10,000 bath we had produced, only 7 were reported with problems. And out of the 7 defectives, 2 were caused during transportation.